In one of my greatest struggles and time of need, The LifeVesting Group was there to help me find a hope in the midst of hopelessness. I have never felt more comfortable when sharing my darkest grievances than when I was with a therapist at The LifeVesting Group.
Play Therapy
An increasing number of mental health professionals believe play is as important to human happiness and well being as love and work. Play is a fun, enjoyable activity that elevates our spirits and brightens our outlook on life. It expands self-expression, self-knowledge, self-actualization and self-efficacy.

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Children Therapy
Did you know that much of the language that is used by children is non-verbal, and largely communicated through their expression, games, relationships, and play-time? At The LifeVesting Group, we want to create a therapeutic relationship, focused solely on the emotional and social well-being of your child. This differs from adult-related therapy in several, highly important ways.

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Adolescent Therapy
The transition from childhood to adulthood is a critical time in everyone's life. This is when young adults begin to form their own unique identity that defines who they are for the rest of their lives. This stage is not only troublesome at times for teenagers, but it can be troublesome fro the parents, too.

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Young Adult Therapy
What am I supposed to be doing with my life? Is this really the job I want for the rest of my life? All of my friends are in serious relationship, but not me. What's wrong with me? Am I really making a difference in the world? Should I rent or own a home? How am I going to live on this type of salary? Sometimes, simply getting their feet wet in an overwhelming world can be close to debilitating for young adults. Building a strong value and moral system can assist in the transition from adolescences to adulthood.

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Couples Therapy
Couples therapy (married or not) helps you and your spouse/significant other understand and resolve conflict, and works to improve your relationship with each other to endure a life-time. Couples therapy gives couples the tools to better communicate with each other, negotiate your differences, problem solves, and even argue in a healthier way.

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