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Estrace® / Vagifem® Estradiol - Brand Name and Generic Pill, Patch or Cream

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We live in a world of consumers – not just of goods and services in the economy, but of lives as well.  Sometimes that leaves us with rewards, sometimes with raw deals.  Sometimes we are presented with opportunities, sometimes with obstacles. Often we live with thepainful leftovers of past choices or damaging experiences from someone else’s choices.

LifeVesting is about you, and how you can live – really live – a life of abundance!

LifeVesting is about taking charge of your choices, regardless of the actions of others, and becoming intentional about your desired consequences.  It’s about shifting your focus from the moment to the ages, without having to sacrifice every bit of short-term happiness to make it happen.

LifeVesting is about you, and how you can live – really live – a life of abundance! But sometimes in order to get there, we all need some help along the way from trusted friends, counselors, and coaches.  That’s what the LifeVesting Group is all about.

What began as a simple idea has now flourished into a service that invests in the lives of others, and can invest in your life as well. Through numerous professional services, The LifeVesting Group has created an environment in which dreams can be dreamed, creative ideas can be fostered, growth can be cultivated, and healing can be realized. Contact a Professional Counselor or Life Coach today to being your new journey.

The LifeVesting Group offers Christ-centered professional services in:

  • Licensed Professional Counseling, specializing in families, parenting, children’s disorders, play therapy, adolescents, and adults.
  • Life Coaching based on a model of life management and planning that has significantly impacted many lives.
  • Mentoring and training in spiritual, church, and organizational leadership.
  • Consulting services for businesses, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations, and educational programs.
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Feel free to browse the profiles of our highly trained professionals and contact them personally to set up an initial visit. For information on how you can contact The LifeVesting Group, where to buy estrace